Michiel Lofton and Andrew Asher fixing the wind generators at Black Island, the communications hub for McMurdo station and the South Pole station.

What the Critics Are Saying

"Instantly compelling... Ice People sticks in the mind." - Nathan Lee, The New York Times (pdf)

"Critics Pick! 'Immersive, mesmerizing'" - New York Magazine

"It's an earthbound, stubbornly unromantic depiction of Antarctica's modern-day explorers" - Darrell Hartman, ArtForum (pdf)

"Moody, atmospheric and often refreshingly down-to-earth, it's not quite like any previous film about Antarctica. The director, Anne Aghion, likes to fill the screen with the kinds of lonely landscapes that David Lean once used to suggest another kind of desert." - John Hartl, The Seattle Times (pdf)

"Ice People takes you to scientists' extreme lab... the film portrays the cold, grueling, sometimes backbreaking work of four American geologists in search of 14-million-year-old fossils." - Doyle Rice, USA TODAY (pdf)

"A return to... the exploits of the brave men and women who threw themselves into such hostile landscapes, and the narrative of the expedition itself. Now we consider such people scientists of various stripes, but back during the "Age of Heroic Exploration," they were called adventurers." - Farihah Zaman, Reverse Shot (pdf)

"Majestically shot...the film is a uniquely meditative, psychological portrait of individuals who approach scientific exploration with the passion and fervor of artists." - Andrew Grant, TimeOut New York (pdf)

"A compelling portrait of the most inhospitable terrain on Earth..." - Neil Pedley, The Independent Film Channel (pdf)

"The movie... gives viewers a glimpse of a side of science that is rarely seen." - Edyta Zielinska, Scientist.com (pdf)

"A compelling human story that serves as a counterpoint to the iconic Antarctic images of penguins and ice... ICE PEOPLE weaves a meditative spell that lingers long after the movie ends." - Carolyn Gramling, EARTH Magazine

"An intriguing slice-of-life that observes the area's staggeringly beautiful and imposing landscapes and the unique challenges experienced by those who work there. Pic should score broadcast sales in numerous territories." - Dennis Harvey, Variety

"Anne Aghion's Ice People, a film about explorers in Antarctica that might be the most immersive documentary I've ever seen" - Bilge Ebiri, Vulture

"Documentary filmmaker Anne Aghion follows research geologists... as they pick their way across Antarctica's interior dry valleys, eventually discovering--in front of Aghion's camera!--plant and animal fossils that prove the ice shelf at the bottom of the world was once green.... 'Highly recommended!'" - Jennifer Merin, About.com Guide to Documentaries (pdf)

"A remarkable visual testament of life seen against the extraordinary backdrop of the beautiiful but bleak environment of Antarctica... Highly recommended." - Video Librarian (pdf)

"Want to know what it's really like to live and work in Antarctica? You'll probably have to get a job and go there yourself but the next closest thing to actually experiencing the harshest of continents for yourself is to watch Anne Aghion's Ice People." - Will Brubaker, Vagabumming.com

"An intriguing, focused and often captivating documentary filled with stunningly beautiful cinematography of the Antarctic landscape." - The NYC Movie Guru (pdf)

"A tranquil meditation." - Omar P.L. Moore, The Popcorn Reel

"A work of art. Director Anne Aghion tells us something important about the processes of artistic and scientific creation." - Haim Watzman, SouthJerusalem.com

"I have seen hundreds of science films, and ICE PEOPLE is unique in the way it portrays what it's really like to do field science. Also, this is some of the best cinematography I've ever seen of the Dry Valleys--it's the first time anyone has captured in motion picture the 'Lawrence of Arabia' feel of Antarctica." - Tom Wagner, Program Director for Antarctic Earth Sciences, U.S. National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs

"The movie is art." - Guy Guthridge, Former head of the National Science Foundation's Antarctic Artists and Writers Program

"I recommend this film to anyone who has ever wondered what it's actually like in the Antarctic." - Sara Wheeler, Author, Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica

"...the gritty, quotidian nature of science." - Brian Miller, Seattle Weekly (pdf)

"Aghion documentary evokes the majesty of Antarctica." - Peter Rejcek, Antarctic Sun

"Meditative, quiet and visually lovely glimpse at the lives of four geologists... in Antarctica." - Gapers Block

"Magnificent!" - Télécable & Satellite Hebdo (Leading French TV Magazine)

"Highly Recommended!" - Educational Media Reviews Online

"Aghion covers the scientists' daily life, while also bearing witness to the geologists' findings about climate change, with the discovery of a green Antarctica that disappeared after a sudden shift in the temperature of the continent over 14 million years ago. Top that, Herzog!" - Seattlest.com (pdf)

"Scenes of scientific discovery are woven together with majestic shots of Antarctica's landscape" - Virginia Prescott, New Hampshire Public Radio

"Is anything weirder, more interesting, and fraught with potential than places where humans never go?" - Lindy West, The Stranger: SLOG: News and Arts (pdf)

"Finds the beauty that emerges between... the routine tasks of the polar explorers" - Andrew Schenker, Slant Magazine (pdf)

"Everything that you don't expect it to be, and that's the work of a great film... It pulls you in--you feel like you're inside what's happening... Netflix, why isn't this on my queue list?!" - Larry Flick, OutQ In The Morning

"Ice People takes you to scientists' extreme lab... the film portrays the cold, grueling, sometimes backbreaking work of four American geologists in search of 14-million-year-old fossils." - Doyle Rice, USA TODAY (pdf)

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